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In Season: What we’re doing with Zucchini Blossoms

When I talked about Savoring your Scraps, I referred to it as the vegetable version of nose to tail cooking. This is another excellent example. Zucchini blossoms tend to be overlooked and discarded. However, fresh blossoms are delicious and should … Continue reading

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In Season: What we’re doing with Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi literally translates to cabbage and turnip. I think it has crunch similar to cucumber and tastes a bit like broccoli stem. Either way, we love it and customers are starting to catch on as well…although many of you have … Continue reading

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In Season: What we’re doing with Radicchio

Radicchio is part of the chicory family, which are generally bitter greens. Other chicory include curly endive and escarole. Many of you are probably familiar with the round version of radicchio at your grocery store. This beautiful version is a … Continue reading

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Savor Your Scraps – Carrot Tops

If you missed my Savor Your Scraps presentation at East Pierre Landscaping & Garden Center, here is what I talked about. Look for more recipes as we develop them. Homemade stock is your “go to” for scraps. I have a … Continue reading

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Meal Planning & The BEST Crock Pot Beans

Although the weather today definitely doesn’t feel like Spring and we are a good three weeks behind schedule, it’s garden time. Long days lie ahead full of digging in the dirt, aching bodies, and sweating. Lots of sweating. It also … Continue reading

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Weekend Omelette

I never really enjoyed omelettes until recently. Most of the ones I’d had in the past had too much cheese, not enough flavor, too much filling, or just didn’t taste great. Then there was one morning when I threw together … Continue reading

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In Season: What we’re doing with Cabbage

I adore pot stickers. I mean, really love them. Like, a lot. I’m also a huge fan, as many of you already know, of preserving our summer bounty for winter consumption. The one thing I generally dislike about Chinese food … Continue reading

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